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 Do you provide backup processing?
 We backup the data on our servers each night to a second hard drive. Although we do this free as part of the service, we do not guarantee data recovery, so we strongly recommend that you keep a remote backup of your files and data. Also, a $5 restore
 Can I park another domain name on my account's primary domain?
 Yes, we allow parking of up to 999 domains onto your account's primary domain. However, we do not allow parked domains onto directories, addon domain or┬ásubdomains within your account.
 What is Virtual Hosting?
 Virtual hosting is a method for hosting multiple domain names (with separate handling of each name) on a single server (or pool of servers). This allows one server to share its resources, such as memory and processor cycles, without requiring all services
 Is ImageMagick available at QualitySpace?
 Yes, we do have ImageMagick. Please submit the ticket at https://qualityspace.com/support we will enable it for you.
 How Do I Choose a Domain Name
 This tutorial will look at some of the things you should look at when you are trying to choose your Domain Name. As you know, a domain name is a quick and easy way for someone to find your website on the Internet. Without a domain name, people would have
 What Are Domain Names and How Do They Work
 This tutorial will look at what the concept of Domain Names, and how they work. Every website on the Internet can be located by its IP address. The IP address is a unique set of numbers, assigned to every computer that has access to the Internet. Our host
 What are Web Servers and are they necessary
 Web Servers are powerful computers that have extremely large hard drives, or an array of hard drives, that have been set up by a hosting company, usually in a facility called a datacenter. A web server's only purpose is to store websites until someone wan
 What do you mean when you say gigabyte, megabyte, or GB and MB
 This tutorial will explain the different units of measurement that you might find on a computer. The bit is the smallest unit of measurement on a computer. There is almost always eight bits in one byte. Very often these two terms are confused with each
 What is a Control Panel
 What is the control panel? The control panel is a vital part of any web hosting account. Without some sort of control panel, you would not be able to do very much. The control panel is where you perform actions on your website, such as creating email acco
 What is a Favicon, and How Do I Create One
 A favicon (short for favorites icon), is also known as a shortcut icon, bookmark icon, URL icon, or a website icon. This tutorial will teach you how to make your own favicon. A favicon is simply a 16 x 16 or 32 x 32 pixel square icon associated with a
 What is an IP Address? Do I need a Dedicated IP?
 This tutorial will look at the definition of IP addresses and help you decide if you need a Dedicated IP. An IP Address is an Internet Protocol Address. It is a unique number address that every server that has access to the Internet is required to have in
 What is Web Hosting
 What is Web Hosting? It is a very important part of the way the Internet works today. To most people, the Internet seems to just work all by itself, but many website owners have come to learn that is not the case at all. A web hosting service is a type

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